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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Work, Humidity, and Bigfoot

After the first week, I think I’m going to really like working here. I haven’t really started my project for the internship since I don’t have security clearance yet, but I got to tag along with the chief of interpretation a couple times (which included a boat ride!), going to Lafayette, LA for a talk on wetlands and climate change (and getting some tasty cajun food to boot), and do lots of reading (from safety information, the oil and gas program management plan and environmental impact statement- a huge book I peruse when there’s nothing else I have to do, to the long and boring computer safety training required by the Department of the Interior).

Everyone I’ve met has been great, even if a little crazy. Crazy in a good way of course. And the guys I’m living with continue to be very nice and helpful. On Saturday, I decided to check out the visitors’ center and go on a little hike before doing some food shopping (I’m making pizza today!). I also tried to do a long run, but kind of failed because the heat and humidity is just brutal for working out (it's no wonder they consider a broken AC an emergency). I also haven’t put in as much mileage as I usually do before my super long runs, so I may also just not have been physically prepared for it. Since one of my housemates visits his girlfriend every weekend and the other two work, I’ll probably be spending a lot of time alone, but that’s ok. Hopefully I can make some progress on finding a grad school to apply to and learning ukulele and catching up on some reading. Since I can’t stream video, and the only channel we get is Fox, I won’t be watching too much TV, though we do have a small selection of DVDs here. Friday night was fun though, two of my housemates, a girl they work with, and I went out to eat and a sports bar and grill with an awesome beer selection.

I'm glad I'm enjoying it here because it makes missing Williams-Mystic Alumni Weekend not quite so bad. Yesterday while I was at the grocery store, my F07 classmates called me and I talked to most of them which was awesome even if I could only here about half of what they were saying. It was a nice surprise, but also reminded me how much I miss them all.

One amusing thing about the park, is that Bigfoot “researchers” believe Bigfoot is in the park and attempt to do “research” here. Apparently they got a research permit in the past, and I found a folder in a flash drive of papers I was sorting filled with proposals for research in the park which were amusing to read.

Also, there are Sonics and Baptist Churches EVERYWHERE. Like seriously every corner kind of everywhere.

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  1. I regret that we didn't ever go to a Sonic and get waited on in our car! Don't have the same regret that we didn't make it into a Baptist Church however.