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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adventures in the frigid north

Things that happened in Minnesota:
  • little kids MAJORLY freaking out because "there are two miss Amys!!!!" it's like they'd never seen twins below. My presence was mindblowing to them.
  • Carleton hasn't changed. I thought I'd feel weird, but I didn't. And seeing everyone (especially my Australia ladies) was awesome. I'm not sure if awesome really sums that up.
  • Visiting the very pregnant Annie. soon to have 4 children, 4 dogs, and a parrot- I don't know how she does it!
  • I actually understood most of Chris's physics comps talk.
  • Amy and friends! Cheers to the governor, taboo, Archer, Glee, good times. oh, and Pippa came down from St. Cloud!
  • skyping with Lauren with Colin!
While I'm not about to move to Minneapolis, it was nice to be so conveniently located near so many people I love.

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