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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Everything came from rocks

I have a lot of, well, stuff.  In an ongoing quest to not have so much of this stuff, a few weeks ago I went through the 8 boxes of pretty much everything I did ever in school, from kindergarten all the way though college, and recycled a large mass of papers.  For some reason, at one point in time, I felt it necessary to hold onto the following things:

  • AP Chemistry tests.  These are tests from a class I was failing and dropped out of in high school.  Needless to say, most of these tests read something to the effect of 43/80 or D+ at the top; why I had wanted to ever be reminded of this class is beyond me.
  • Mostly illegible french notes, as if one day I'd want to relearn french from some smeary, scribbled pages ripped from a notebook.
  • Acceptance/rejection letters from colleges I didn't go to.
  • Pretty much every worksheet I ever filled out in elementary school.  I mean, I enjoy seeing some of my original art projects, but I don't think I need to keep proof I could do basic addition or connect-the-dots in grade school.

I also kept a myriad of notes and handouts from various classes, vocab workbooks, spelling tests, scrap paper I drew smiley faces all over, and this list I entitled "Rocks" and wrote on May 27 of an unknown year (I left in my spelling errors):

  • Everything came from rocks
  • 3,000 (a little over) minirals 14,000 names
  • 9 classafacations witch minirals are grouped in
  • 3 groups: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic
  • 9 common Elements: O, Si, Al, Fe, CA, NA, K, Mg, Ti
  • 250 named rocks
  • Eat rocks for breakfeast, lunch, and dinner
  • Glass comes from quarts
  • pencil lead = carbon
  • kitty litter is made of a rock called Vesicular Tuff because it was absurbant.

As far as I can tell in the context where I found this list, it wasn't actually for a class.  I guess there was a little geologist in me as a kid and Geo in the Field wasn't my first introduction to the subject.  Also, I like that eating rocks for every meal made it on my list.

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