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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I live near the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. Being somewhere with so many birds and so many different kinds too, makes me wish I was better at identifying them. Mostly their songs though, since living in a thicket means I hear them more than see them. Like when I hiked the Birdwatcher's Trail... it should really be the Birdlistener's Trail with a Really Pretty View of the River at the End

I saw another cardinal today. Every time I see them I get excited because we don't have them back home. But they've got to be pretty common, right? I mean, they're the mascot for numerous sports teams and schools and they're all over holiday decorations and they're just plain classic looking. The red sticks out a lot in all the green and brown of the woods. And I've tried to get a picture, but they always fly off into the thicket.

Also, there are a lot of vultures here. Pretty big ones. And it's probably related to the excessive amount of roadkill around these parts.

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