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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Black and Orange! or: How I Learned to Love Baseball

I used to think baseball was a stupid sport. True story. Now I can't get enough of the Giants.

It all began last spring when my best friend was dating a member of the Carleton baseball team. I went with her to all the home games; we sat in the grass, in the sun, and would watch the games. Sometimes we would only go when we knew her boyfriend was pitching, but regardless, I enjoyed spending time at Carleton's diamond.

What really drew me in for good though, didn't happen until the World Series began, and I emphasize began, because I'm not like the bandwagoners who hopped on the Giants train because they won. If the Giants had lost every game, I would have still become a fan, and I'll tell you why.

At this time I was living in southeast Texas in, quite literally, the middle of nowhere. After work and on weekends, I had nothing to do, very few people to hang out with, and limited internet. My new best friend became our old TV and its five watchable channels (I say that as we actually got about 10 channels, but 5 of them were some variation on Nuns 24/7 or God rocks!). But this was southeast Texas, and you could tell, not just from the dorky local commercials, but the news and sports as well. I probably learned more about the area high school football teams than I ever knew about my own high school football team. I also knew what time and on what days every sitcom known to those 5 channels were on! Fountain of useful information I was in my free time.

Back to baseball.Maybe it was because the Rangers made it so far, maybe they would have shown the games anyway, but once it got down to the National and American League championships, thankfully all of the games were broadcasted in my little corner of Texas. And I watched all of them, all of the Giants games that is, because after all, I am a California girl and anything reminding me of home was welcome when stuck in Texas.

My point in all of this: the San Francisco Giants were a good friend of mine while I was stuck in Texas, and because of that they have one more loyal fan. Also, baseball rocks and I'm doing pretty damn well in the fantasy league I'm in. (Fun fact: my fantasy league team includes: Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, Brian Wilson, Aubrey Huff, and Matt Cain; aka some of my favorite players of the Giants)

Watching opening day:

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