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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Railroad Revival Tour

Well, I'll get my complaining away first off and then just focus on what was awesome about this concert. My mom and I arrived a little late, so it was partly our fault we missed Old Crow Medicine Show's set, but the line was absolutely ridiculous (literally like a mile long) even 45 minutes into the show. They really should have opened the doors earlier since even people who arrived early missed some of the show. But we got in during the set change and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes were next.

Now of the three bands, they were my least favorite anyway. And they just didn't bring it. The first two songs sounded better live than on their album, but it just never took off. So I went and found Ale and a couple of her friends and got a beer and danced to Home and then Ale and I went back to where mom and I had set up chairs.

And then came Mumford and Sons! Even though I was in line for the bathroom for their first two songs, from the beginning they were awesome. They brought so much energy to the stage and were absolutely amazing to see live. I love their sound anyway, but it was so much fun to hear them live! They played a couple of new songs too, which while I couldn't sing along, had a great sound.

Then of course members of all the bands came out for an encore in which they sang what I am guessing is called "This Train is Bound for Glory." So that was fun. The entire show had very good energy, and even when waiting in line and clearly missing the first act, everyone was in good spirits. And of course there was all sorts of flannel and hipster hippies (for lack of a better term). Also, that Middle Shoreline Park in Oakland is a fabulous place for a concert!

Bottom line: Mumford and Sons kick ass.

Aside from the girls behind me loudly singing along despite knowing none of the lyrics and the point where I help Ale onto the ledge I was standing on and the fact that I was excited and bouncy at the end and quite far from the stage (thank you 10x zoom), this video I took isn't bad. Plus it's my favorite song. I can even play it on my uke.

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