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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beer and Running; or: a disjointed life update with pictures!

From the Turkey Trot
last November.
I seem to be partaking in a lot of beer and running recently, and I am perfectly okay with that.  Especially because I now have sweet penguin tights to run in.  And I could drink in them too, I suppose.

Thanks for the photo,
Amy's snapchat!
I've now tripled the amount of beer I've ever brewed, first spending Valentine's day by myself making a delicious, hoppy, 9% IPA, and then brewing a yet-to-be-tried single hop ale with my friend Kevin to bring to our 5 year college reunion later this month (hell yeah #Carl10).

Surprisingly not blurry since we were running when I took this.
Also I think I look a lot like Amy in this picture for some reason.
Well, more like her than usual.

We also adorably raced Bay to Breakers as Calvin and Hobbes.  A lot of people didn't know who we were, which makes me sad for todays youth who will never know the wonders of Calvinball, Hamster Huey and the Ooie Klabooie, or Spaceman Spiff.  Calvin and Hobbes is easily my favorite comic strip.

Then for Memorial Day weekend, I went to Colorado with Amy, Abe, and Scott and visited Lauren, Grant, and Colin and it was awesome and we drank lots of beer and ate lots of food and ran the BolderBoulder 10K and watched the Giants beat the Rockies and got rained on and it was awesome.  I also got a hole-in-one in mini golf, learned a challenging drinking game called four quarters, and saw dinosaur fossils/trace fossils.

Mike had run 50 miles at this point.
My cousin decided to run a 100 mile race for some insane reason, and my mom, sister, and I helped pace a 25 mile chunk of it, mostly in the dark.  I don't know what makes people want to go through that- but Mike finished it and I am incredibly impressed and also sore from the measly 12ish miles I ran with him.

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