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Friday, June 26, 2015

Top Ten Carl10

For the sake of remembering, I thought I'd record my top ten memories from my 5-year reunion.  But first I'm going to list the bottom four:
  1. Three people who were a huge part of my Carleton experience were not there to share in the fun.
  2. Goodhue bathrooms- I do not miss the communal bathroom situation in the dorms.
  3. The beer provided was awful.
  4. The worst 5k I've ever run, which may have had to do with too much of #3...
But really, no part of the weekend was actually bad.  Overall I'd say it was amazing and exhausting; just one emotional high after another.  So here's my top 10 favorite moments/activities from last weekend in no particular order:
  1. Sharing the beer Kevin and I brewed with our class.  My favorite part of brewing (and cooking for that matter) is sharing what I made with friends having them (hopefully) enjoy it.
  2. Constantly seeing and spending time awesome people I hadn't seen (at least very often) in 5 years (so many hugs!).
  3. Being reminded just how beautiful Carleton is. The Chapel, the buildings, the sign, the Arb, the Turbines... Plus the weather was gorgeous, the clouds were huge, and everything was so green.
  4. Tubing down the Cannon River (how did I never do that when I was living there? So relaxing and so much fun!  And my tube had cup holders for beer, and what could be better than that?).
  5. Hanging out with chemists at the Cow out on the deck with some good beer and free sunglasses.  Getting golf cart rides there and back from the cool student workers wasn't half bad either.
  6. Touring the new wind turbine (we got to go inside!).
  7. Re-visiting Wang's Corner with a few of my Geo-in-the-Field classmates and finding out current students had read my Comps, which is either exciting or embarrassing (TBD once I dig it up and re-read it).
  8. Frisbee! (because this is Carleton, after all).
  9. The Ten Talks which I almost didn't even go to and was glad I did because my classmates are amazing and interesting and inspiring.
  10. Dancing and partying and general merriment every night!

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