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Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm on a boat!

As you read this, I am somewhere in the South Atlantic Ocean heading west. We departed Cape Town on Saturday at 16:00. The students in the science party (of which I am a part of) are divided into 3 eight hour watches. I'm on the 09:00-17:00 (so think 9-5), which is awesome. So far all we've had to do is watch screens and log data, but once we reach Walvis Ridge we'll get to dredge rocks and they'll be lots to do!
Other things of note:
I have my own room and own bathroom/shower (most people have to at least share a bathroom).
There is a hot tub. Today I sat in a hot tub overlooking a deep blue ocean. It was amazing.
I won a game of hearts today.
The food is great, though I have a feeling the fresh fruit won't last too long.
I sleep really well with the rocking of the boat.
It's still kind of mind boggling to me that I'm actually on a big ship in the ocean of the coast of Africa, no less.


  1. My mind is a bit boggled by it too Kiki!

  2. Actually, even more mind boggling is you playing hearts!

  3. seriously, you'll play hearts with them?

  4. Yea...you play hearts with THEM, and not US???????? Glad about you & the penguins...a dream come true. On your list of things you miss you did not say The Giants...and opening day is coming up soon, I was going to get us tickets, if you like.

    1. oh, the above is from Indra